CPAConnect is the companion association to CPAmerica International and is comprised of a select group of sole practitioners and small independent CPA firms. Created in 1994, membership in CPAConnect now includes more than 150 firms nationwide, with nearly 80% of the members being aligned with or sponsored by a CPAmerica member.

Sponsorship Statistics

In the nearly two decades that CPAConnect has been in existence, the overall growth in membership has been steady, from about 30 firms in 1995 to over 150 firms by 2015.

Currently, approximately 50 CPAmerica firms sponsor at least one CPAConnect member, with four of those firms sponsoring more than 10 firms each.

Also, over the past few years, several CPAConnect members, as part of their succession planning, have been acquired by their CPAmerica sponsor firm. The history of CPAConnect has shown that – since its inception – both firms profit tremendously from the relationship.