Overview of Services

CPAmerica International offers a wide array of services and resources to help our firms strengthen and magnify their successes. Members collaborate with one another through discussion lists, sharing calls and live events, but also have access to a wealth of resources which encourage growth and offer continuous improvement.

 Discussion lists

Topic oriented by area or department, members use these lists to discuss a variety of issues related to the CPA firm. Members can email the lists to trouble-shoot a problem, garner a second opinion and compare professional strategies.

 Expert Services

This powerhouse of professionals offer our members a main point of contact for A&A, Tax and Practice Management related issues.  These experts and consultants assist our members in discovering who among the membership have expertise among a variety of areas affecting the CPA firm and making connections.

  PCPS Services

Members receive special discounts on the AICPA’s PCPS subscription service. Becoming a member of the PCPS gives you access to valuable resources and information relating to the practice management of a CPA firm.

 Preferred Consultants and Preferred Providers

Offering discounts and special pricing, this list of over 50 consultants/companies provide our members with cost-saving opportunities and efficiencies to improve firm functionality; gain a competitive advantage and help firms to make more money.

 Priority Requests

Members utilize the Priority Request system to send out urgent requests, typically related to a client matter. The request is sent out to a specific target group (ex: A&A Liaisons) which ensures at least one person at every member firm will receive the request via email.

 Association Marketing Tools

Dedicated staff provide branding materials, monthly print newsletters that provide up-to-date news about our member firms, and bi-weekly electronic newsletters that include CPAmerica event, webinar, and sharing call information.

 Sharing Library

Our sharing library contains samples, templates, spreadsheets, and other documents provided by members offering guidance, support and advice on a variety of topic areas impacting the profession.


CPAmerica conducts benchmarking surveys for marketing, human resources and information technology. Condensed versions of these surveys are available to current and prospective members.

 Visitation Improvement Program (VIP)

CPAmerica members participate in a Visitation Improvement Program that provides recommendations for improvement to strengthen practice management. This dues-driven program is an integral part of our strategic direction to keep members continuously improving.