"Improving through Sharing" is our foundation.

As an accounting association, CPAmerica provides member firms resources to achieve their goals based on our foundation "Improving through Sharing." Our shared vision holds the independent, autonomous members of CPAmerica International to high standards for sharing, continuous improvement and prominence in their respective markets, resulting in tangible and intangible returns on each member firm's investment.

CPAmerica International, as a member of Crowe Global, is one of the largest associations of independently owned and managed CPA and consulting firms in the world based on annual revenue of member firms. Together, the combined annual revenue of CPAmerica and Crowe Global firms is $3.8 billion.

CPAmerica members can offer their clients the attention of a local firm and the knowledge and resources of an international association.

Our mission

Each member firm's association with CPAmerica is a commitment toward continuous improvement.

Our vision

Built on four key goals:
  • To continuously improve
  • To make more money
  • To strengthen relationships among member firms
  • To bring prestige to firms both domestically and internationally

Strategic Plan

CPAmerica's Council of Members has approved the "The Strategic Plan for 2012 and Beyond" for continued development and evaluation.

Our services

CPAmerica members place a high value on being able to offer their clients fast, friendly and personal service.  As a member of the association, they can now receive the same treatment to meet their practice management needs. Our staff is always available to help members get an answer to a complex situation.

All of CPAmerica event programs are member-driven, with the association staff handling all of the logistics to ensure a smooth and fun conference. New webinars and workshops are constantly created by the association to meet the needs of the membership. CPAmerica also offers cloud services, marketing publications, staff attitude surveys and access to vetted preferred providers.

The CPAmerica staff can connect you to other members of the association and help you find tools and resources to save your firm time and money.