What We Offer

Whenever you have a question, someone here will have the answer.

New members benefit from access to a national
association of firms, using geographical constraints to encourage sharing, to pool knowledge and to support each other. Our partnership with Crowe Global takes this offering even further by providing international insights that help members build on their expertise.

Our Services

We provide you with a place where you can access resources to help you expand services and react to economic and regulatory changes as they happen.

CPAmerica members have access to the Crowe Global network that consists of more than 200 independent accounting and advisory services firms and is in more than 120 countries.

CPAmerica Discussion Lists cover a wide variety of topic areas both across job functions and industries. These lists provide a platform for members to request help and assistance from fellow members, request a second opinion, troubleshoot a client matter, compare professional strategies and offer support to their colleagues.

CPAmerica offers a variety of specialty groups to support members at various stages of their career. Some groups include Client Accounting Services, Innovative Technology Committee, International Group, Large Firm Group, New Leading Partners, and Next Generation.

CPAmerica members participate in a Visitation Improvement Program that provides recommendations for improvement to strengthen practice management. This dues-driven program is an integral part of our strategic direction to keep members continuously improving.

CPAmerica offers more than 15 live events per year located across the United States, along with a variety of virtual trainings and webinars all led by industry leaders, certain to meet your firm needs.

Additional CPAmerica Services

CPAmerica offers a wide array of services and programs to help our firms strengthen and magnify their successes. Members collaborate with one another through discussion lists, sharing calls and live events, but also have access to a wealth of resources that encourage growth and offer continuous improvement.

Below are additional services we offer our members.

  • Expert Auditing Support
  • Discount AICPA-PCPS
  • 50+ Preferred Providers
  • Sharing Library
  • Tax Resources
  • Crowe LLP NTO