Gainesville, Fla. (December 7, 2023) – CPAmerica unveiled a new brand identity, value proposition and website to their members and supporters at their Leading Partners Retreat in San Diego, Calif. CPAmerica has been providing resources, training and support to independent accounting and advisory firms for the last 45 years.

CPAmerica’s new brand strategy is rooted in the advantages of sharing and is captured in the brand promise, where collaboration means business. The visual concept revolves around the ‘point of collaboration’ graphic, depicting a decision path that culminates in a collaborative hub for members. Collaboration serves as the catalyst for fostering development, growth and opportunities.

To ensure that the new branding truly represented their 90+ members across the country, CPAmerica employed the services of creative agency, Living Group to conduct focus groups and gather member feedback. Part of the challenge was to integrate Crowe Global’s brand to represent the association’s unique relationship with the Top-10 global network. Throughout the nine-month long process, the team from Living Group conducted interviews with members, reviewed use cases and met regularly with the CPAmerica team before delivering the final materials.

The result was a completely new brand identity, focusing on CPAmerica’s four core values that drive the association. 1) Collaborative – promoting a spirit of trust, sharing and openness; 2) Connected – enabling connections that get business results; 3) Visionary – looking ahead with confidence at tomorrow’s possibilities; and 4) Inspiring – taking our members on a rewarding professional journey.

“It was fantastic to work with such a visionary client and members who provided invaluable insight into this vibrant organization,” said Duncan Shaw, Living Group chief creative officer. “CPAmerica now has a brand that firmly places their members and the power of collaboration up front and center.”

Accompanying these core values and slogan was a strong brand message, including vibrant colors, clean fonts, distinctive visual elements and the use of photos of real CPAmerica members and events.

“We are very proud of the brand and message refresh,” explained Grace Horvath, CPAmerica president & CEO. “It restates our identity as a sharing organization in a more compelling way. We also now have a new website that is easier to use and a better representation of who we are, with powerful messaging that defines the value of the organization.”

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About CPAmerica, Inc.:
CPAmerica, Inc. is an accounting association made up of independent certified public accounting firms that is built on four key goals: to continuously improve; to make more money; to strengthen relationships among member firms; and to bring prestige to firms both domestically and internationally. CPAmerica is a member of Crowe Global, an accounting network with 230+ independent accounting and advisory services firms in 145+ countries that have a combined firm revenue of $4.9 billion. Learn more about CPAmerica at