At CPAmerica we embrace collaboration, generosity, progressiveness, and responsiveness. Our successful team members embody a strong service orientation and a genuine desire to help each other and the members we serve. We prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in our culture and support work-life harmony recognizing that while the work-life scale can occasionally tip, personal well-being and family are the priority.

Senior Member Services Manager

We are looking for a creative, high performer who is service oriented and enjoys coming up with fresh ideas and solutions to help others overcome their business challenges.

Digital Media Internship (Fall or Spring Semester)

We are seeking an enthusiastic intern to help us with digital marketing, social media and content creation efforts. The intern will assist with a variety of tasks and should be able to work efficiently both independently and with a team. Applicants must be ambitious and eager to learn. The intern will report directly to the Marketing Manager.